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The Songs
Grown-Up Kids
Schoolyard Bullies
Creepy Fool
Charming And Clever
Victor Silverhair
The Party’s Over
Goofy Clown
Eva And Lesser
I am beat
Pretty Peggy 
Baby Boy
Bølle-Bob Rap
Me And You
Goodbye - My Part






”The world they live in is now completely different and the language has changed but when it comes to fundamental feelings, dreams, love, ambitions, disappointments I don't think there really is any difference between the young people of today and of the previous century even.  I cannot imagine there will be much difference in the next century either for that matter.”

The film version of Bølle-Bob is based on the theatrical performance production that Geertsen wrote in the mid-nineties. 
The musical has played successfully in Denmark for many years. The story has now been completely rewritten and updated for the film version. 
Having achieved huge success as a TV series, movie, theatre production, stage show, DVD, CD-ROM and music discs the Bølle-Bob team have now set their highs on spreading the recordings to the rest of the world.
Director: Victor Marcussen
Producer: Anders Wiuff
Executive producer: Kurt Andreasen
Script: Gunnar Geertsen
Music: Gunnar Geertsen and Nick Simon
All photos by Steen Brogaard
Logotype by Gitte Geertsen
English dubbing by Sun Studio, Copenhagen
This product is produced with kind support from Danish Music Publishers’ Association and KODA
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A childrens musical for the whole family
Two in One - CD + DVD – Movie and 20 catchy childrens songs
All songs by Gunnar Geertsen and Nick Simon
Published worldwide by Davs Musik
Contact: Kurt Andreasen
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Phone: +45 33 25 82 00
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www.davs-musik.dk - Mail: info@davs-musik.dk
The Story
Bølle-Bob is the story of a small town with a lot of children and young people who basically live pretty normal lives.

With stories and catchy songs about, for instance — the girl who can't wait to get out of school and become a model - the much too nice girl who wants to learn how to answer back - the difficult thing called love and many other trials and tribulations from the usual world of growing up.

Adults who cross the paths of the youngsters in various ways of course surround the children.  One of the adults is Blom - the owner of the largest (the only) shop in town.  He is full of ideas which when initiated end up as one immensely stupid project after another.  He is also the master of the appalling pun and sickening slogan!
Children of course just laugh at him, until suddenly he interferes in their world.  Blom and the towns other big businessmen want to evict the youngsters best friend - Victor,

who lives in the town dump, a multi-storey car park is planned for the site and therefore Victor has to go.  Under the leadership of Bølle-Bob the children decide to take direct action themselves and the story follows Bob and his friends as they attempt to say NO to parking on their patch.
The History
With a history and heritage that includes the works of Hans Christian Andersen - Denmark's musical theatre culture for children is very highly developed.

on in these traditions the Bølle-Bob stories and songs have become the most successful in the history of Danish music

Having achieved huge success as a TV series, movie, theatre production, stage show, DVD / CD-ROM's and music discs the Bølle-Bob team have now set their highs on spreading this story to the rest of the world.
The Bølle-Bob saga started in the late 1970's when the schoolteacher Gunnar Geertsen wrote a few songs for the school choir to perform at an annual school party.  He
had no idea that those and subsequent songs written around the Bølle-Bob theme would become the most beloved songs in the history of contemporary Danish children's music.
As Gunnar tells "Many people have said to me that I have an excellent insight on how children and youngsters think and feel - I really don't think that's true!  The songs are in fact about my own growing up — despite today's contemporary values, deep down I think that children today feel exactly like I did.